Saturday, July 3, 2010

Journey to Turkey!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am in Turkey! We left on Sunday around 12 from California, and arrived 3am on Tuesday! It was a pretty long trip, and we went on three airplanes which was.... well, a lot =)
Update: I was trying to post this at a right time because it was midnight yesterday when I got this ready, so I waited and now its 1 in the morning there... I think I'll just post this now =)
Here are some pictures of the trip...
This was in the magazine thing they have in airplanes... isn't it so pretty?? Theres a dress hung up right behind the bed and they are made of the same color and material so it looks like the dress is continuing. So nice, I want to try and do that...

First, I think clouds are really cool... so I have a lot of pictures of the outside, the view, the clouds, etc.

This was the beginning.. just a normal view

I think thats a river! Isn't it cool?
So fluffy clouds!!
HUGE cloud!
Look at all the boxed out land, it's so organized.
I made this one really big so you guys can see how it looks, it's really pretty.. everything is so organized and the view is beautiful, I love that random road going across right through the middle and changing up the layout though =)
At the chicago airport, they had these HUGE fans! I don't even know if they blew air or not but they were pretty cool
Chicago. I kept singing the Chicago song from Victorious that Trina (Tori's sister) sings... it was pretty funny =)
Lincoln statue at the Chicago airport. We were there for four hours till the next flight so most of my pictures are from there..
The 11 hour flight! Thank God it wasn't 14 hours =) These were the seats, I just love that Turkish airlines has bright blue seats! The color is so pretty and it just makes you happier because black or gray just isn't... I don't know how to explain it but like in Turkish when you go from like dark and gloomy to bright and happy you say something like being open, and able to breathe and be happy....ughh sorry for that horrible explanation. 
Anyway, these seats had screens in the front that you could watch movies or play games but this time they were all in Turkish and you couldn't start from beginning. So even though they had Avatar, Percy Jackson, Tooth Fairy, all movies that I hadn't watched yet, I couldn't watch it =(
But they have these on the longer flights so maybe when we are going back to America, it will be in English? =) Sorry that was really long 

I have some pictures that I took yesterday and today, I haven't really went out yet, because of my sleeping schedule but today we are going to go and maybe tomorrow.. so be ready for the next post!

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