Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nevsehir Konya Traveling

Hey everyone, 
sorry I have been MIA for a while,  I was here at my cousins (Konya) while my mom was in Nevsehir, and then she came on Sunday so I left my cousins to go to my aunt to see her and my brothers and then I didn't get back to my stuff until now.. ( I admit I haven't been away this long from my laptop but it's not even 1 yet...)
Anyway, here are some pictures from our traveling from Hatay to Nevsehir, and some pictures in Konya

He was asleep in the other bus... and there was a baby crying next to us so I gave him my iPod to drown out the sound and he fell asleep again.. (this is my brother btw)
These aren't so common in America cause everyone just goes with their car or by plane.. at least I haven't seen many in CA.. They are really common here though and they remind me of bugs don't the rearview mirrors look like antennas?
This is the backyard of my moms grandmas house... its from a loooong time but it's cool. It feels like its antique or something, sometimes i wonder how people lived there and what they did..
We went shopping and I saw these salt and pepper shakers, aren't they so cute? I always knew that the one with more holes is the salt, but every time I tell someone they're like "really?" is it not known?? I mean you put more salt than pepper and salt is more common... 
So cuuuute... =D maybe I'll get it.. who knows
This is from the back window in my cousins house.. it's.......... green
At the mall we had Kumpir, it's this huge potato that they stick in the oven and when it comes out its so soft and they mix in some butter, salt and cheese that melts sooo good and you can add whatever you want, the one on the bottom is mine, it has rus salata which means Russian salad (yogurt, mayo, peas, carrots and potato), corn, pickles, ketchup and mayo.. it's really good, you can add olives or sausage.. 
This is the mall, they have these lights all year round, which looks pretty but is a huge energy waste.
I like the balls of flowers with the butterflies.
Close up...
Well, I'm gonna go back to my aunts house, but the internet there isn't wireless so I might not be able to post a lot.. we'll see

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