Sunday, July 4, 2010

Target Michaels Macy's Ross

This is kind of random, but just some stuff I got like almost two weeks ago and other things =)
First off, we went to Target and we went through the shoe section and then I saw these shoes and I was like $8?? (normally they were $16) Thats crazy! So I told my mom they were too cute and we had to buy them and you will totally agree when you see them =) We went to the cash register and guess what?? THEY WERE $4!!!! =O Yeah.. it was pretty crazy... =P
They are some brand called Miss Trish and it's soo cute! They have some sandals on Target's website, but the womens doesn't have this white one with seahorses... it's so perfect for summer!

Heres another picture. I think it's with flash...

This is what I got from Target, just three little baskets to organize, and my mom got the shoes. The baskets were $1 each..
From Michaels I got fabric glue, super glue, glitter and a little notebook and a little post it like thing.. it has a bunch of little papers with the letter B on it, so when I sell something on eBay, or maybe something to do with my blog, I'll send a thank you note with them..
Remember that "I love California" necklace I got from Macy's? It was $10, I went a week ago I think and I saw these and is the price not crazy?! For some reason the original price of the Paris one was $16 so it was on sale for $4.. 
This one's original price was $10 so it was $2, I'm still glad I got the California one though because there wasn't any left and $10 is actually good for a necklace.
Also, the brand is MStyle LAB, does anyone think it might be like Macy's own brand? I'm not sure.

This isn't mine actually, but if Dee finds another one while I am in Turkey she's going to get it. Dee's mom was sending this to her relatives in Turkey, its white rimmed sunglasses from Nine West. I thought they were really cute so I tried them on and they actually fit my face and they are really comfortable, they don't rest on your cheeks, they just have a light pressure on your nose.. and the color is perfect for summer.. as usual =) She got them from Macy's

So me and my mom went to Ross, and we saw these flip flops and aren't they so cute? They are perfect for summer! I think they were $20 which is more than the usual for flip flops but they aren't just the plastic type. They're Nine west and I just love the beaded starfish, only they fit my mom but they are a little big for me, there's a gap between my foot and the starfish.. =P (the picture was right after we got it so the sticker and tag are still on)
Is it me or is Nine West stepping up a little? I never liked their stuff so much before.. maybe it's the summer heat, or I'm just getting old =D

Before I go, I have a question, does anyone know if you can make a new blog award? I would love to give an award but I'm not sure if you can just make one..
And, I'm sorry I'm a little behind, but I promise the pictures (of Turkey) are coming!


  1. omg. i love those seahorse shoes. so cute! :D

  2. You got some adorable items!


  3. i love both the sandles!! and the target baskets are sooo cute!

  4. omgosh cute shoes!!

    and you can make your own blog award! I did it :)

    xo, gina


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