Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thursday Shopping

So this is some stuff from Thursday, we went to Marshalls, and Kohl's and we went to Starbucks to spend the last of the money on my gift card. I just wanted to say, Starbucks, however good it may taste, sends money to Israel. Now I'm not saying I hate them or anything, I'm just saying that recently some Israeli's attacked and killed I think 10 Turks while they were trying to take food and supplies to the Afghan people that were in camps and didn't get any food and stuff. They didn't have any weapons or anything but for some reason they killed the innocent volunteers and helpers. So I just want to say that if you can't quit cold turkey, try to at least get other types of coffees... I just wanted to let you guys know.

Now, on a lighter note! I'll show you guys some cute purses I saw, and then I will show what I got.
This was a little clutch but it had a little chain and it was soo cute!! I would TOTALLY get it, but i would need to find something to wear it with. I could figure something out though right? I think it was $10.. maybe $16?

This was made from a material that felt like it was waterproof. I like this one because it reminds me of when I was younger, I'm not sure, maybe I had a purse like this...
This was $40 but its SO CUTE! I used to loooove green, and now I still do but not like crazy. This had zippers everywhere and I could use it as a school purse, maybe if it goes on sale and is still there by the time I'm back..
We were waiting for my mom and my brother showed me this. Isn't it soo cute? I just love miniature things...
Double chocolate chip frap.... mmmmm it was soo good. I'll probably never have it again, lol =)
This I got from Kohl's, its a very lightweight material and it's really cute. It was on sale for $8 but I had a $5 off coupon with me ;)
(with flash)
This purse, is AMAZING! I have been looking for a studded purse like this, with the messenger thing too, and its soo roomy! I can't wait to use it on the airplane. The only bad part is that its blue, and a weird shade of blue. I do wish it was white or something, but oh well. It was $24 (on sale!)
(without flash)
Btw, does that ever happen to you guys? You get like this image of how you want the purse to be in your head and when you find something so close its SUPER expensive? And you find another one thats cheaper but it just doesn't cut it.. =/ Thats basically my life.
It had this ugly sea-green little zipper thing (I totally forgot the name...) that was suede, but I took it out and... viola!!!

Do you guys like it? I had the key and lock, and then I glued on some rhinestones, the chain was from a belt chain of my brothers, but I "bought" it from him and I used it =)
Oh, I took this picture on the airplane, and I'm glad I did because one of the rhinestones fell off and I can't replace it till we come back =/

Since I'm not home, I can't really do the earring collection and stuff... sorry, but if you want to request anything else, comment below! Btw, I know the timing here is different so my posts might skip a day or be two in one day, I'll try to be careful, but I'm sorry if that happens =)

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