Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunny Yummy Hatay

Hey! So this is the last Hatay post... get ready for a long post because there are a LOT of pictures....
I'm just going to start... fast =)

This is close to where my grandmother lives, it's very pretty

I cant totally imagine The Clothes Horse right in the middle taking a picture there.. it seems somewhere she would like to take a picture, except maybe there aren't enough trees =)
This is a popular sweet there, it's a type of pudding with ice cream on top, and rose water.. the color is so pretty... it doesn't look real... I personally don't like rose water, but I had a few spoons of this. I think it was called Haytali
Another picture, more from the side *credit to my uncle for creating a nice background with the rose water bottle and ice cream cones =)

We went to my cousins summer house in this van and when it became dark the lights turned on and it was all blue! It was pretty cool..

I took these from inside the car!  The orange color is pretty...
Also in the car
The view from the top of the summer house
The sun... I wish I could get that cool affect like nice cameras do but mine is just a digital camera...
the sun and beach
Coming back home, there are these little round things in the middle of the rode and the cars go around in a circle to get to the road they want to, it's pretty common here but I don't think it really is in America
Also, this one lit up to different colors at night.. sorry I don't have any pictures of that...
Here's another one, sorry the pictures aren't good but I was in the car
They sell a lot of stuff on the streets in Turkey, and this is one that I thought was cool, my baby brother loves them.. they used to sell normal chicks but now they have all types of colors! I don't agree with coloring because it might not be healthy.. but it's life.
This was the restaurant we went to, this is the place mat
This is the view from the restaurant
This is what I was talking about when I said that there are workplaces under apartments 

Don't worry I didn't eat this, my brother eats it every time we go, it's stuffed lamb intestine with meat and rice and stuff, like stuffed grape leaves. We only get it from here because you have to make sure they clean it well.
This is what I got.. I know it's not original but they make the meat so good! and the burger itself is very different.. I just love it! As you can see there are fries in it, except you barely taste the fries! Anyway, my baby brother wanted fries so thats why we got that. Can you see my other brothers hand sneaking a fry? 
Another popular thing in Hatay is this olive oil soap, it's very good and healthy and I really like it not so much for the body, but if your face is oily, it gets rid of it very well.. there's different types for how dry you want your skin to be or how oily your skin is. There's an article that talks about a 130 year old women who uses it three times a week and she has really good skin.. sorry the picture is blurry...
This was the inside of the store, they had different types like cinnamon, rose water.. and other types of this soap
Turkey's own original Coke! =D
More pictures of the field
Thats the shortcut to the house.. you can see my brother

Okay, I was going to take a break, but I finished explaining them all... I have a Nevshehir/Konya post next..
Oh, and I have 12 followers now, I guess I got too excited about having a giveaway when I got 20 followers, but I'm getting there slowly =)

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