Friday, July 16, 2010

White, Black, & Blake Lively Blue

I saw this picture today and is this not the prettiest dress you have ever seen? My mouth was wide open... 
If anyone knows where I can get this dress please tell me... 

The material is very nice, the pattern of the dress is classic in a modern way, with a twist of the white on black meeting the black on white, and the blue beading ties it together very well. It is pretty modest, if someone with a slightly smaller chest wore it, it would be modest. 

Can you see the end of the sleeves? So pretty...

The back also looks kind of small for Blake... or maybe it's supposed to be that open.
Look at how long it is!

She looks like shes always thinking about something, but here she looks so cute like she's frustrated about something, though I don't know why she would be frustrated in a gorgeous dress like that!

All I can think is maybe sewing up the slit in the front, like having a tailor do it... because it shoes a LOT of leg..  You have to be pretty tall, like Blake to wear it with that slit, and she is soo lucky she's tall *sigh*

Well... this is like the best dress, even better than this one that Miley wore. Even though its a mermaid type of look I love it... what do you guys think?

I need to get those dresses...
Why does fashion hurt so bad? It's like love.. it is love... except the good things hurt the wallet too ;)


  1. Wow... Blake's dress is gorgeous!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Hi! thanks for the comment on my blog! I LOVE yours! I'm following :)

    and wowowow, blake's dress is amazing! it looks so extravagant. I love the colors in it.

    xo, gina


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