Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Nature, Food, and Animals of Hatay

Hey everyone! So, I accidently skipped a day but I'm sorry, the timing is different from America
Also, I want to mention I'm going to Nevsehir (nev-sheh-hir) tomorrow morning at 9 am which is 11 pm in America. If I can I will do a post I got ready, but we'll see..

Here are some pictures I took since we came here
Doesn't the green look so pretty? This was the waterfall place we went to by "hiking" down...

Haha... just noticed he's wearing the same jacket... lol well that's my baby brother playing with the natural "sink"
My grandfather finds frogs and turtle's in his garden but this year he found a chameleon, but this chameleon wasn't really a good one because he would change color too well
He's slightly darker and more patterned here
Similar to above
Sorry I have a lot of pictures =P Btw, notice his feet! They're like split, it's very interesting
He's really dark here, climbing up a hose
A turtle!!! =)
You can see his face better here
My dad's grandma's house, we saw some cats, and theres a wall up there, they came down and my baby brother wanted to see them but he was so afraid.. dunno why

This is what made the cats come =) My grandma and her sisters were making this, it's called mini Lahmacun or Kaytaz borek. It has meat(ground beef), tomatoes and other stuff and the outer bread part is so crunchy when it's first cooked. I loove that part and it turns out my dad and uncle don't like it, so I'm the odd person out...

Here's another picture
We had a good pair, I ate the outside and my dad ate the middle..=D

This was a little mannequin-dude ;) that was spinning around outside a shoe store and my baby brother was looking at it, I love this shot it looks really funny because my older brother was trying to get him to think it was a real kid and he was like "do you want to go in it and twirl around?" and told him it was the kids job...

I have an 8 hour bus ride tomorrow... blech, I do not want to re-pack, I wish they had an airport in Nevsehir but they don't... but I'm glad that we aren't going somewhere else, my uncle said he was gonna go from Adana to Rize or something and that the airplane was sold out and the bus was 24 hours long!! 

That's all for today...  Have a nice Sunday!!

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