Friday, July 9, 2010

Home again to Hatay

Uh oh. I was gone for 3-4 days and now I have about 54 posts to read from the blogs I follow... yay? I love reading posts so I am glad but I wish I didn't have to read them all in one day. 15 a day is good for me.
Anyway, onto.... well why I was gone. Monday we just packed our bags and went to my dad's aunt's summer beach house.. and we stayed there until Friday morning (which is the time in America) it's Friday evening now. We went to the beach twice a day and I got a little sick of it so I went once on Thursday, and I didn't feel like going Friday morning.
I know I keep saying this, but I will upload the pictures and put them in a different post.. for now you can have 3 pictures to look at =)Sorry, I know I'm lazy, but its summer and it's hot, aren't I supposed to be lazy? =P

This was a mini waterfall, we went "hiking" (not really) there are waterfalls and they have tables IN the water, but it's cold so your tummy might hurt =) (if I go again I'll take a picture, I can't believe I didn't...) so.. I tried to take a picture without flash and this is what came out, I guess it's still okay though right? I like it, you can see that the water is moving fast.

We were at my dad's grandma's house and there are famous narrow roads there, while we were making our way through the maze I saw this painting (? what's it called?) and the setting reminded me of something Greek-y... I dunno... doesn't it?

When we were coming home today. They have these mini "buses" and they're just used for transportation but here, you don't need seat-belts and you don't need to sit down.. so it gets pretty crowded. Anyway, I took a picture of the street, but with the focus on the curtain.. does it look... cool? =P I do want to point out that here, they have small markets and workplaces under an apartment so people have jobs under apartments and stuff.... I'm not sure why they do that here but I haven't seen that in Cali.. have you guys seen something like that in America?

I will admit it was hard to pick three pictures... so I can't wait to share the rest with you!
So, I am now in Hatay, and I will be going to about 3 other places I think.. so I will post about those places but my mom's mom lives in the countryside and they don't have internet =( so I will *warn* you guys when I go there =P
Oh, before I go, I want to mention three girls/bloggers
First a follower, Marie
She leaves comments on practically every post, so thank you so much! She has really nice posts, especially the latest summer outfit themed ones.

Second, Amy
She has been leaving comments too, and I have to say I love her style, its so sweet and cute =)
Thanks Amy!

Third, (last but not least), Lane
She's such a fun girl and when I looked at her user profile, I was shocked she was a lot like me =)
She's left a few comments, and I have to say I really enjoy her blog...

So, if anyone else reads this, go check out these three girls... Well... I have a lot of blogs 
to catch up on so TTFN-Ta ta for now!

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