Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Belt Collection

Hiyyyaaa!! How are you guys today?? Summer break is going... well =)
Here is my "belt" "collection" lol...

I got this one in Turkey, and its soo shiny and what I like about it is that you can put the little metal thing (sorry I don't know what its called) anywhere, so anyone can wear it! 

This one is similar to the other one, but its sooo colorful!!! I got it from Forever 21

This is elastic, and I love the huge butterfly, it makes an outfit come together really well. I got it from eBay.

This one my mom got me, I think in a little kiosk thing in a mall. I don't wear it a lot though.

This is another one my mom got. This matches more outfits so I wear it more.
This one I got from Turkey, its more of a headband/sash type of thing but I like it around the belt loops too.
Same as the one above =) ( can you see the little picture of a girl?)

I think my mom got this one from Target, from the girls section ;) I

This came with a skirt and you can also make it any size.. very sparkly too!

This one I got for my 11th birthday =D I really like it and I think it came as a 2pack from Target but I'm not sure where the other belt is... It might be the white one above..

These came with some pants, I don't wear it often. Maybe I could make something out of it!!! 

This one also came from some pants that I loooove, it's so funny how they look the SAME! Well, I don't wear this one a lot either.

This came with a skirt and I was thinking I might be able to wear it as a necklace!! 

Okay - this one was from the Anatolian Festival, it has different colored hearts on a white background.

I really wanted a gold studded one, these are kind of big, but oh well. Also from the Anatolian Festival.

Anatolian Festival. Its small metal things with cutout stars.

This reminded me of the summer... its such a pretty paisley design! (nothing attached, its just colored)

This one is red with star designs, very.... rockish? and shiny! =)

Whew! Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that, I'm working on my necklace collection now, and omg its HARD! My bracelet one should be easy but the earring one... ughh that will be DEATH because I have stud earrings and dangly ones and I wore earrings ALL the time... now I don't but... well.. you'll see.
They will have to be broken up into parts (the earring, necklace and purse collection) because I don't think they will all fit, even if they do- it would be too long of a blog. 

Also- I'm thinking of taking a break from all the collection stuff because it feels... blechh like I'm just going "oh look- this is what I have- see those rings and belts?" ugh... 
I will do more random ones and... just random things =P

What type of things do you guys want? Like a picture of things I see throughout the day? Random pictures and blogs? Tips on organization? (lol)

Okay- this was long, thanks for reading <3

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