Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mall Haul!+Surprise!

So- I went to the mall today with my mom and I was finally able to get some jeans and tennis shoes or sneakers or whatever you call it...
anyway we were gone the whole day almost, and we just picked up my brother (yes I have 2 =/ )
and now we are going to wash the car and go to Target.. soo I will be back.

okay I'm back! And suuper tired!! Well I didn't get anything from Target unless you count the little elephant squeeze toys that change color in water. lol =P

So we went to a LOT of different stores and well... here are the pictures and explanations of what I got.

(with flash)
I looked EVERYWHERE for some good sneakers, like 2 Nike stores, 2 shoe stores, a Sketchers store, and 3 other stores I cant remember, I think one of them was Marshalls.
Anyway, I found these at Kohl's on sale for 29.99! They are nike, a size 5 from the girls section, hopefully its good because my mom wanted to get a 4 but there wasn't any.YES my feet are small..

(no flash)
This was the best lighting.. its a very shiny silver, with red-pink on the sides and heel part. It looks orange but when you compare it to the box, its definitely a pinkish color. 
Side view
Side note: I had some Nike shoes and I was looking for ones just like my old ones, I wish I took a picture before my mom threw it away but I had them since the summer before 5th grade, and it's been... FIVE YEARS!! Yeah they still fit, but they were really old.
Being a girl I took care of them, but the shoelaces were all torn up and.. whatever =D
I can't wait to wear these now! I really needed them.
update: I just wanted to say, these shoes are VERY good quality thats why they lasted me 5 years, if you are hesitating to buy one-don't! Theres a saying in Turkey which translates to "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap items" (cheap meaning price-wise) So instead of buying a $30 shoe, which can last mabe even more than 5 years, they buy a $10 one and buy a new one every year, costing $50 which is way more than $30. So- if you are hesitant, get the almost best. Because you don't always need the best- EXCEPT for safety! =)

These jeans were....5.99!!!! I know! but with the 15% off coupon, they became 5!!! well $5.09 to be exact but who cares. They are from Childrens Place (don't make fun of me) I tried them on at home, but I need to get a bigger size, so off they go to get exchanged! But I needed a light wash pair, so this was really good!
(top picture is on my rug but I wasn't sure if you could tell what it really looked like)
They're hung up on my mirror(the mirror is behind it)

Okay so theres this store called 5-7-9 and they have super cute jeans for like $10 when they are on sale and sometimes its BOGO half off! But they're jeans are like awkwardly long. This is the previous jeans on the 579 ones. It doesn't look much longer but believe me it is.
Dark!! Looove it! We got them so when we go to Turkey we can tailor it. My favorite jeans are from 579 because they are really comfortable and they actually fit w/o me needing a belt. So I wear them all year round.
These are black jeans. I am ashamed to admit I had no black pants-BUT it wasn't my fault! NO store on the face of the earth had some cute ones that were not crazy hard or super thin, or fit... etc. These are also from 579 and they are super soft and fit perfectly! (except the length- but we're taking it to Turkey)
This is the cute necklace I got from Forever 21. I really needed a long simple one with random charm stuff at the end, and one with a Eiffel tower on it, and this fulfills both!
This is it lying flat on my desk.
This is it hanging from my dresser. 
Note: I changed it a little (picture not included).I moved the bottom a little higher and put the big heart on the first ring. I didn't like the way the tower was all by itself on the bottom, and then the top was kind of empty...
My baby brother was playing with it and I asked for it and he was giving it to me and it got stuck on my computer!! Turns out there are 2 magnets on the black thing around the screen that keep it in place when you close it. Sooo cool!! I never knew that!
This is from Marshalls, and I just really liked the material of the shirt, I really want to pair it with a skirt and make it like those tank dresses with skirts attached. But that means I need to find a skirt... oh well. We'll see, we're going to go to the mall again, and I can't wait! =D
oh!- We got a cute little jacket from Childrens Place for my baby brother and I asked my mom if I could put a picture of him and she said okay and he goes "yeah! you can email me!" lol... its okay though hes almost 4 he doesn't need to know the difference between email and blog =D

Just a random little note:
My favorite shops are Forever 21, H&M, ALDO, I guess Marshalls?, and Old navy? I do love the container store! And there are stores that I like but never buy anything. What are your favorite stores?



  1. How cute is your baby brother?!:D

    Nice buys, btw!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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