Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rings+Messy Room+Jeans=New Post!

Hey! Happy Fathers Day! To all your dads of course =) I hope you guys are having a nice Sunday.
Here are some rings I forgot to include, and some that just came in the mail. I also have a picture of my messy room when it was soo crazy and I was trying to organize my school stuff. And a pair of jeans I just got. Lol I just keep adding stuff
I got this ring from Forever 21 and I love it. It has lavender, light pink and white flowers.

I took this picture so you could see it's a two finger ring, which I am also loving =)
We got two of these from eBay, my mom is wearing one of them, this one is just waiting for now.. I really don't know what to do with it
I got this from eBay and the seller said it was worth $10 but I'm not sure. I got it for my mom or for a gift but one of the little crystal things fell off =( I really need more clear nail polish to cover crystals so they don't fall off, I ordered it so I hope it comes soon!
Same as the other one. But the crystal is still attached.
This one is also from eBay, it might be a gift.

This is my room.... it was CRAZY!!! I really had to be careful where I stepped.
These are another pair of jeans I got from Kohl's and they were 8.99! + the 15% off coupon we had. They are super soft and stretchy! I love stretchy jeans. So I think I am officially set for next year =) (jean-wise)
Necklace collection coming soon! I promise! It might be the next post.

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  1. every ring in the post is just lovely!! I want the first one!


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