Thursday, June 10, 2010

SCHOOLS OVER!!!! Huge update!

WOOOOOOOOOHOooooooooooooooooo! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!! Theres soo many things I want to do!!! First of all jump and shout. Just a second...

Okay I'm back. I sweat to God I jumped and let out a quiet "YES!" because well... I can't shout right now. =D So.. I will try to post daily until the 27th because I am going to Turkey then. Will you guys read it?? I hope so ;) oh! Btw Shaytards had their baby!! WOW... mommytard ain't pregnant anymore.. It's pretty big news, but whatever.
okay, well I thought I would show you my mini watch collection, watch out for the next post! It might be tomorrow but if I get 2 or 3 comments on this one then I will post it.
So some random pictures:

I got this like a year ago? My baby brother wanted the DS game cases so I took it down with this and when I opened it, I smelled it and the first thing that hit my head-TWILIGHT! Oh the memories..... I guess I had that out when I was reading twilight so now it brings that memory back.

Do you guys have that happen to you? Do some smells bring back like a rush of memories? It does for me and I love it =) oh and its an fragrant reed diffuser.

So these are the DS games.. I don't play anymore, do any of you play??

I wore this to school today, and it was COLD!!! =( Yesterday and today were cold and I'm like super sensitive so I had like shirt under because the floral shirt is practically see through and I had a jacket on too!  The top is from H&M the Garden Collection, and I love it, it was $15!!!!! Which is prettyyy good! I am superr happy =D


I got some stuff in the mail today btw!! Here are the pictures:

Its the mini giveaway from EWWITSNIKKI it came pretty fast, thanks soo much Nikki!!! Its a face mask, cleanser and a sunblock lotion.

Me and my mom went to TJMaxx yesterday and I got this super cool cream.
It smells SOO GOOD! Like Dulce Candy says-I wish I could eat it!! I was thinking pineapple and then I was like omg no duh.. Its mango! Lol.. Btw the packaging and stuff, of the color is AWESOME!

Heres a minniiii straightener, I wanted to take to Turkey so I don't take mine back and forth, it was on sale and it IS super cute so... and I would love to do my cousin's hair!!! yayyy! Not that I am super good or anything... I just started

Oh and quickly- my mom got this for my cousin as a present and its ADORABLE- the color is like red-orange and I just love studs so I think its super cute!!


No Flash

So I hope you guys have an awesome summer, don't worry I'm not leaving yet... =)
Byee <3

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