Saturday, June 26, 2010

Necklace Collection Part 3

Welcome to the last and final part of my necklace collection! YAY! Let's get started...
I got this one from Macy's about one year ago. I think it was $6... I really like the pop of color!
My mom got this recently from F21, I don't really wear these types because they are way to big and.. yeah. But it is really pretty, I just have to find something good to wear it with.
I got this from Turkey last year, it has stones and little crystals, I saw a similar one but it was "expensive" like $5 or something.. so we got this one which was $3 I think..
This is another necklace from Dee's aunt... its very well made and the detailing is nice! (if any of you are interested I can link her blog and you can see all of the stuff she makes)
This necklace, my moms friend gave like 3 years ago, maybe 2. I'm not sure. But it has the beading style that I like.
My cousins actually made this for me 2 years ago, we went and bought a bunch of beads, and they made it and it was sooo pretty!! But, a few of the beads fell off so I had to change it a little bit
I think this was also one of the ones my moms friend gave, all from Turkey. I wear this with one shirt that matches perfectly and I love the shape and style of this necklace, it looks great on! I also looooove the beading as usual, this was my first necklace with this type of beading and this is the one that made me fall in love with this style.
Close-up doesn't it looks soo.... whats the word? Like there are so many beads but it doesn't look too crazy... just well put together.
I got this from Turkey, it's a very summery necklace and I fold it over and wear it because it's really long. Just a lot of wooden buttons that make up different colored flowers.
Another necklace from the surprise bags! Me and my friend wore this on twin day at school, we had gotten surprise bags and we had EVERYTHING the same, down to our earrings, lipgloss, and sunglasses... how cool is that?

I just recently got this from The Limited, after seeing a similar one on a Macy's catalog. That one was $48, this one was 20 something, but it was on sale for $11!!! Or maybe $16? I keep forgetting prices and mixing up 11 and 16 a lot... Anyway, it's kind of heavy but I love it! The little "disco" balls were very popular this year...

If you haven't seen the other posts, you can see the first one here and the second one here
Well, I'm about to leave for the airport! I hope my brother behave, I swear, together, they give me a headache. Byee!


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