Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anatolian Festival

Hellooo girlies...

So I thought I would show you guys some pictures from the Anatolian Festival I went to in LA. It was from April 6-9 this year and they have it every year. I hope you guys in LA get the chance to go! It was soo fun, and we had a great time, everything was cool and this year the place was bigger than last year.
So here they are:
This was the Ottoman Military band, they would play music to get the armies pumped and ready for war. 

They had many different "cities" brought to LA, this one was Mardin.
A church in Van
A small section in Mardin

This was Antalya, they had fake palm trees and sand and a huge ocean backdrop. It was very beachy =)
There was a performance, and some other people started dancing too

This was in the entrance, they had soo many different things to see and go through. These were from mount Nemrut.
The royal family from the palace

The Maiden tower in Bosphorous, Istanbul

Folk dance in Antalya

The guys from the same Folk dance (you can see the girls in the back)
There was glassmaking and the guy would make some in front of us! These were some ladybug earrings, so colorful!

This was pottery, as you can see there was a lot of turquoise.

This was the Van cat, he/she kept sleeping so we couldn't see his eyes but they are known for having one blue eye and one green eye, if you search on google, you can find a lot of pictures. They actually like water, and chocolate, they are kind of rare but SUPER cool! You should definitely google it and check it out.
This was a balloon ride thing, they said it was part of the festival but it might have just been part of the Orange County Park. It did match the festival color though!

This was the main stage where there were concerts and dances.

Some scarves that had Turkish Marble painting on them, you can google this too, its really cool and fun to do, every design is different and so fun to make! I tried it a couple times and I have to say all the swirls and dots and details make it special.

There was a small "cafe" in the center where everyone sat on stools and ate while chatting. VERY Turkish style =P

Lol.. being a fashion freak / fashionista I HAD to include these, they had small prayer areas in Konya, and I saw the CUTEST boots!! I asked the girl where she got them from and she said Bakers and she said they were like $20 but I couldn't find them =/

And heres a video I found

By the way you can check out the website here

This was definitely a once in a lifetime thing, but of course they have it every year, and each year they want to make it bigger and bigger. I have to admit I was really looking around in awe of all the cute outfits, some very modest and stylish and others unique and different!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing all of the pictures, maybe you can go and see it too =)

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