Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dollar Store Haul

Hey my beautiful, wonderful followers and readers! I have 10 now! 10 more till the giveaway!! =)So- from 10-7 I was out of the house... and now I'm dead. Yes. You are talking to a ghost. BOO! =P lol.. well I went to the mall, then to my baby brothers dentist appointment, park, whole foods, park and then Target-then I WALKED home... ugh 2 minutes by car = 15(?) minute walk, my feet hurt.... so, I went to the dollar store, I have a mini haul ready! Enjoy..
I absolutely love the dollar store, everything is a dollar and there are so many things that you can find that are the SAME thing as other stores and so much cheaper! I once found a two pack of pens and they were the BEST pens ever! They lasted really long too because they had mega ink packs. Ever since I was begging to go to the dollar store so I can get more, and I found a THREE pack this time! woohoo! I bought two just in case ;)

The gel inserts, I heard from beauty gurus and I wanted to try it but they were like $8 or something and this one has a bunch of stuff too. And the lip "treatment" which is lip gloss is for a cousin in Turkey. Btw, do you think these are real Sally Hansen products? I'm not sure... 
My mom got this for my cousins in Turkey. Apparently they love it there! =)

A little divider/separator/organizer I got like a 5 pack plastic one last time, but they didn't have that here =(

Each box was a dollar! The spearmint has two more packs. The crunch brings back so many memories, when I was little we would get it and I remember being at a store and eating it, except now they only have the huge movie theater ones and only at dollar stores. Weird? I think so. Btw, I always happen to get the movie theater candy whenever I don't go to the movies. Ugh... talk about annoying. =D

Hope you guys liked it! I can't wait to go again ;)

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  1. Great finds!:D It's been a long time since I've been to a Dollar Store!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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