Friday, June 18, 2010


I just had to do a post... lol =)
These are the shoes I really NEED!
Dulce Candy has the brownish creme color of these and I LOVE them! But I really need black shoes... so I love the studs on the bottom and the fact that it has a strap so your foot doesn't slip out. It's really high, but actually comfortable! 

Dulce Candy  also has these I really like these cause they are sporty, but with a heel, and they are black and look like they have a shine/shimmer to them..

Okay, these look like the Alexander Wang ones thatDulce Candy (again lol) has, I love those but I can't pay that much, (not like I can get these either) but the black ones are on sale. They are different, but I really like it!

Okay, you guessed it! Dulce Candy has these! At first I showed them to my mom so she could see that the $90 ones had a possibility of going on sale, but now I kind of like them... They have studs and I used to have a mule/clog type of shoe when I was like in 2nd grade and I loved them (maybe because they were the only heels I had?) and these are nice too, like to slip on... 

Okay, so when I went to the mall, it was a pretty boring one, but I fell in love with almost everything in ALDO. I'm not going to do this from online because I have a LOT of link in this post already and these are the pictures I took when I was there...
Okay well I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I liked a lot of the handbags!
Heres one

Its $45!! Which is okay  I guess, but whatever, we'll see, its not even on sale so... 
I loove the studs! And those huge round buttons are so cute! I'm not sure exactly what these type of purses are called, but it had a short handle to hold, and now that I think about it, maybe it had a strap you can link in.. I didn't look inside it so I'm not sure

I tried twisting and turning this picture but it won't become like straight.. so this is the best I could do, it's actually practically the original but whatever. This was a necklace and all the jewelry stuff were BOGO half off I think, except the ones I wanted!!! =( (or the good ones. lol)
Its just a long chain with fruits on it and it was $18 I think but it was soo cute <3

LOL... Dee's cheesiness... This was also a neckace, and it was actually cute too I guess, and the little "leaf" part was gold with small crystals! SO cute! Anyways- she was like "OMG! Take a picture like this!" and well... can you guess what it is??? xD (scroll all the way to the end of the post to get the answer)

So- my newfound love with ALDO.... *sigh* well my laptops battery is dying, so I should go...


(btw-I'm sure no one really is worried or anything but I am NOT being compensated for this post and I am NOT affiliated with ALDO in anyway.. I do wish I was though.. ;)

Answer: Twilight (LOL)

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