Friday, June 11, 2010

Watch Collection!

Hey guys! So here is my mini watch collection...

I've had this tweety one since 2nd grade, (I know) but it doesn't work and I have to go and get it fixed because I looove it =) And I love tweety. My mommy gave it to me.

This one says TWIX because you can design it, its those stretchable design bracelet type things and I loved twix when I had this. My friend wanted to see it and then put it in her pocket and her mom washed her jeans! *gasp* I loved this soo much and I was about to cry... lol.. but its okay cause....

This one Elle gave to me and I love it even more than the other one, its like a turquoise blue and the color is awesome!! This one you can design too, and I have to say Elle, it was like just in time after my old one broke. Btw, this one doesn't work either, lol I think the battery died.

Just to show you how it stretches.

This one, I just got in the mail, and its the biggest, but its really cute! Its red, and hello kitty. From eBay... I guess thats it. I haven't worn it yet.

This one I got like 2 or 3 years ago, didn't  really wear it because it was kind of big but the little dolphin is this plastic plate-like thing that actually rotates for the seconds! It's pretty cool, and I loved it when I got it, but yeah, its a little big. It doesn't work either =P

Lol I had to show this... =D It's my baby brothers watch, I got it for him on eBay, it was $2 I think, pretty good.... I love elmo too but I wouldn't be able to wear this, its like plastic =D

And these aren't watches but they tell time! I got the gold one like 2 weeks ago on eBay, and the silver one just came today! The chain of the gold one is not rusting, but somethings happening to it. =/

The silver one I might give as a present or just keep ;)
Anyway, my fave is the blue one and the gold owl necklace. Just because my wrist is tiny and its soo easy to take off and the owl one is just soo cute! I know that like half of them aren't working but hopefully they will get fixed soon...

Well, I hope you liked it,
Bye guys!


  1. What a cute collection!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like the watch I gave you ages ago! This was a good post!


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