Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ring Collection

Hey guys!! Okay, I promised a new post everyday, and so now I have the requested... RING collection! yayy
I am actually at a small sleepover/camp and I am working on this just for you guys & =) I am writing this on Friday night, I will post it on Saturday =) Have a nice weekend!!

This one my friends mom made out of felt and she gave me a headband thingy to go with it... It's more of a little kid random thing but it's definitely one of a kind ;) The back is adjustable. 

This one I got on ebay, it turned out smaller than I thought but I still think it's simple and cute. It was $1 I think, but I am NOT sure.

This one I got from F21 and I LOOOOVE it!! I was gonna get the silver one with black crystals for my mom but they ran out and I had to get the clear crystals, which is still nice, but sorry I don't have a picture of it now. It was $4!!!! <3 *heaven*

I thought this one was original, its a little ring in the shape of a belt. Also from eBay, $.99.

I don't really like the color gold, I prefer silver and I decided to get this in gold and I liked the dolphin it just was a different style of the rings I normally get. It was $.99, which is great and its adjustable but really hard to adjust.

This one is from Icing and I got it in a surprise bag where you pay one dollar and whatever you get, it's your luck. I LOVED it, sometimes you get lucky, and get really cool stuff.

I got this a long time ago, one for my mom and one for myself, I can't really remember where but... yeah I don't really wear it because its kind of small. I think it was $4, not really worth it, but its not a lot of money.

This is also from the surprise bag, never wore it cause it was too big. But its colorful!!

This one was $2 I think, from eBay and its adjustable, and I love the simpleness, I got a matching necklace but the necklace isn't so pretty. The crystal kind of hurts your finger BTW.

This one is soo adorable as a bow, its from eBay, its adjustable and there are the colors green, blue and pink. But it was like $3 or less and its soo cute!! 

I loove these type of rings and I found this in Turkey for less than $3 and its soo cute and I loove it , its actually so well put together!! Its adjustable.

I hope you guys enjoyed it!!!


  1. You've got a lot of rings.:D I like the bow ring.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Omg
    you have so many of them.
    I'm so gonna beat you to
    (I dnt think i can, i love bracelets more)\


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