Monday, June 21, 2010

Necklace Collection Part 1

omg! I totally forgot today, lol things are starting to get a little hectic around here because our friends from Turkey just came last night and we are leaving this Sunday so I still have to pack and get everything together. Enjoy!!
Okay, I split it into three parts with about 20 pictures in each. I don't have 60 necklaces, lol, I took a close up of most of them so its two pictures for a necklace.
First off, this is where I keep my necklaces, I have another little box with maybe like 5 more, but I never wear them so their pictures aren't included either. I got this little bead organizer from Michael's for one dollar!!! Can you believe it? I have like 2-3 necklaces in each little section so I need to go get another one, but I'm not sure where to put it =)

I love key necklaces, recently got this on eBay for less then a dollar I think.
Me and my two best friends got this from Claire's and now they are kind of far away =(
Cookie Monster!! I got this after the Elmo one... I LOVE IT!
My cousin got this for me from Turkey and she got one for herself too. I like the uneven wings.
My best friend got this for me, I love the color! It also comes with a pair of matching stud earrings.
I got this as a present from Turkey...
Dee had this and I always thought it was from Turkey or something and then next thing you know I got it in a surprise bag from Claire's =) lol.
Me and my other two friends got this from claires. Its such a girly peace sign lol =)
I got this from Kohl's a while ago, these ones, or the ones shaped like an "S" were really popular.
These are from a silver store in Turkey. I really wanted a guitar because I was obsessed with guitars, (I still kind of am) and the heart one has a little key, and my parents liked it too.
This one is soo awesome! It's from Canakkale, and thats where my mom used to live in Turkey, and its famous for its pottery and I saw this necklace and I love mini things and this necklace was just perfect and it wasn't even $4!!!! =O It had earrings too, but they were kind of heavy.. I do also have a keychain with it!
The famous Elmo. He's glittery and cute. The end. =)

My friend had a heart necklace like this and I didn't have a heart necklace so I got this from Kohl's.
My mom got this sparkly peace sign necklace for me on my birthday because I really wanted a peace sign necklace cause I didn't have any. (This was before we got the flower peace sign one above, sorry these aren't in order of when I got them)
These are both from eBay, the dog one is from the same seller as the Elmo and Cookie monster, I love her! And the star one is nice and simple with one side with rhinestones.
I got this for free with a magazine in Turkey, I never really wear it.
At the last Anatolian Festival, I saw this necklace when my friends were buying some necklaces and then it was buy 2 get one free the other day so this was going to be their free one and I was going to get it but the guy said they didn't have it anymore so I didn't get it and then they still got it for me <3 so sweet!
This one was my moms first buy on eBay =P it was 0.99 and it looked nice so she got it to get some feedback, it's very simple and I like it but I don't think I wore it yet. Because I needed a chain and I just got one, so now I can wear it.

Hope you liked it! I won't be doing the necklace ones back to back so it doesn't get boring, but be on the lookout for parts 2 and 3!

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