Thursday, June 24, 2010

Necklace Collection Part 2

I tweeted today at like 6 in the morning (@bellesme) that we were going to the passport agency and I thought we would be there the whole day but we came back home at like 11 and then we had to go do some shopping... Everyday I'm going to take pictures where the sun hits nicely and makes natural light but I end up coming home late... =) But its almost 4 and I can take pictures! YAY! And put up a (kind of) early post!!
This is part two! Enjoy!

I already mentioned these in my watch collection. They open up and have mini watches inside.

This was from the surprise bag from Claire's or Icing, and I loved it, and one day my knee got stuck on it when I was jumping off a bunk-bed (yeah, don't ask =P) and it broke and beads were all over the place. But I tied it back together and it's shorter but as good as new.

I got this from the Anatolian festival, and it matches one of my outfits PERFECTLY! It's like crazy!! =)
I love this one... 
At school a lot of my friends had this cool bracelet/necklace and it's magnetic and you can change the shape and I loved playing with it and one day we went on a field trip, I think it was a museum or something and I finally found one so I got it.

Here's another picture to show how it changes...

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but Dee's aunt makes jewelry and sometimes she sends it here so her Turkish friends can buy it. Anyway, Dee gave me this for my birthday, and it has matching earrings, but I don't keep that in my necklace box.
Here's a close-up. Isn't it so cute?It has a little turtle!!

This one me and my aunt got from Turkey (she has the same one) it has a bunch of colorful stones and it's all clustered..and pretty =)

This one my friend Zee and her sister gave to me for my birthday.
I think one of my moms friends gave this to me with like a bunch of other necklaces. I really like this type of necklace, and I actually have a lot of them. It's so weird, this one also matches a shirt that I have perfectly!

This one was in my Macy's haul post. I just love it!!!


This is a really cute necklace, but I don't wear it often, I think because I don't have a lot of things that match.. This one my moms friend gave to me. They are the ones visiting from Turkey this summer..
Close-up. Btw, this is the same style as the brown and green one. 
Me and my bestie got this, I think I got it in the surprise bag, and there was one that said "Little Sis" so I gave it to her <3 I think I will call her Buky, (not the district of fashion one)

This one is from eBay, and it opens up! I really like the daisy...
Opened and close-up
Well, thats part 2! Part 3 is coming soon.. (but with posts in between)
oh! btw, I have a couple "hauls" and stuff we got from the mall but I am taking pictures,(so they will be like a couple days after the original day I went to the mall...) and they are going to either go up this weekend or after I go to Turkey. I will be away this Sunday, and it might take until Monday or Tuesday because of the time change..
Oh and what type of bag do you think I should take with me on the plane? This year I don't want to take a mini-suitcase on board, just my laptop and stuff...
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  1. Nice collection. Really girly.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Omg! The one Zee and her sister gave you looks exactly like a necklace I have. Maybe it is the same thing! Cool blogs!


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