Saturday, June 19, 2010

Children's Discovery Museum

We went on a trip yesterday to the Children's Discovery Museum and when we came back I was soooo tired! I went with my brother, his 4 little toddler friends and another chaperone.. they had a lot of fun and so did we. I have to say that place is really cool!! Anyway, even though I was over the age limit, (the last time I went I was in 3rd grade) but they had some cool water stuff there. I think it was new, well I will stop talking and let you enjoy the pictures =)
.... okay so I left to the mall and I just came back,so I'm sorry this is going to be kind of late...

There was a fountain and there was steam made right underneath it and you could change the shape of the fountain so we changed it and the steam came under it and stayed there! When you put your finger and the water parted, the steam would go (picture below).. it was really cool

There was a mini tornado thing, and it was soo cool, you put this ball and there was air puffing up through a tube and the tube would lead the ball into this thing and then the ball would spin around and then go through the little hole on the bottom.

Thats my brother, I was like "blow the steam!!" =D

This is the little fountain place, the steam was filling it up..

There was a little mail box place and the kids had so much fun putting letters in the mail drop place and then picking them up over and over again =D
There was a little pizza place (fake food ;) and it said Eat a rainbow every day, with different colored food to put on the pizza... I thought it was a cool way to remember so I liked it.
I don't remember the time I went to the museum in third grade but I remember when I went in first grade (weird right?) but I remember all the huge bubbles we made, this is my baby brother blowing a bubble...
There was a streetlight/intersection close to the entrance and it was pretty cool. As you can see, it was red so we waited for it to turn green.

There was a place for toddlers, and they had a huge dinosaur on top of a display case.
Can you see the kids? They went crazy and started running when we went outside to go home =) The building and the picture just turned out really nice so I thought I would post it.
This was my little  "house" for gnomes... lol It was a lot of stories high so i thought I would take a picture. 

This was when the kids ran away.. lol the chaperones are running after them and my brother and another little girl are just sitting there. chilling. =D I really liked how there's two big people, then three kids in the middle, then two kids under the others.. it just looks... organized? I dunno =)

I took a little more than 200 pictures, but of course it was the kids so I couldn't really share all of them =)
I hope you guys have an awesome weekend, and Happy Fathers day!! ( You can tell your dad... =P )

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