Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well, I was at a friends house that I haven't seen for 2 or 3 years even though we live like 15 minutes away.. ughh I know.
Anyway her house has the COOLEST flowers! I'll add some pictures
Does anyone know what type of flower this is?? It's so different  and I just LOVE it!

There's a huge bush of flowers-so pretty!


On a separate note.. here are some SUPER cute things from random stores or just cool things, that I just looove!

Those fringes look like plastic, like a cut up garbage can bag. (F21)

The turquoise/green one! Isn't it so pretty? (F21)

Such a cute ring! (F21)

I love the color of this! Its blue but with purple and brown! I'm not sure where it's from... =P

Omg I mentioned a T-strap one from Topshop that I LOVE! This is so similar! (F21)
I realy need a studded shoe, (flat or boot) and this is like off-white and it's just perfect.

I love rings! Isn't this so cool? But it would be hard to wear. I just found it online...

Look! It says "dondurma" which means ice cream in Turkish! This ring is also really cool!

This is a PURSE! I know!!!!! I need it!!! Its so wild and different!!aaahh! And think about it, you can just like set it down somewhere, and it would just stay there perfectly...

BCBG Herve Leger dress.. Miley wore this, I love it!

BCBG Max Azria I think, Demi wore this to the Oceans premiere and it looked soo good!
I got an email from BCBG and I saw this and I freaked out I (almost) shouted "OMG DEMI WORE THAT!!!" =P lol

Well, I didn't have a lot of time today, sorry guys.
I am lusting over these heels from ALDO, and ughh... I seriously need them but they are $90!
Well, I gotta go. Bye!

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  1. What a cute flower, looks unique!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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