Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wednesday Mall Trip and PARK!!

So I went to the mall on Wednesday. Here's some picture of what I got.
My Day:
I left at like 10 am with my moms friend, then went to pick up her daughter from daycare at 2.
She went to the market and took her daughter to the dentist at 3 where my baby brother was getting his teeth cleaned.
 My mom took us to the park where I just wanted to go home because I was tired. We went to whole foods to get sushi at 4:30 I think.
Then came back to the park. She took my baby brother to the doctor at 5:45 and came back before 7. We were still at the park... so we finally came home so Wednesdays post was a little late...
So I was out of the house for 9 hours that day... it was a lot for me =)
I got this dress/top and a little makeup bag for the mini straightener from H&M

Heres what the dress looks like.
I got these four containers from the container store.. I'm going to use them to display little art pieces so they don't get dusty.
There was a 2 for 1 sale at ALDO, so i got this super cool ring
I got a necklace (finally one with an anchor and kind of nautical) both together were $9!!

A blimp!!! These have been very popular the last year... I see them all the time now
I'm on a rock! =)
The kids playing....

Well, today we went to the mall for like 4 hours, and it was torture... we had to go with both of my brothers. We have started to run around like crazy.... and I just want to get this trip over with now... It really feels like we aren't going to go to Turkey, and I want to stay because a LOT of my friends are here for the summer.... or they are coming early and we can hang out. But oh well... next year I might not go so I should make up for it now...

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